Anonymous: How does one have sex for like 6 hours straight????? Bravo maam


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Anonymous: What's your name on mfc?


He kissed my cuts this morning. It was really sweet.

Anonymous: Where do you cam?


I’ve been awake since like 12 or so having sex. It’s 6:30. I am pooped and sore but my god is he fucking cute and sweet and we literally just met but he just keeps giving me those cute little couple like kisses and is just so sweet. And the way he eats my pussy is amazing.

I give up. Really. So dumb. Whoever says life is worth it is full of fucking shit.

He blocked me. I literally did not a thing to him. I’ve been patiently waiting a week for him to talk to me. Texted him maybe 2-3 times. And then I go to see if somethings up and of course I can’t see his Facebook but others can.

I don’t get it. I really fucking dont.

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