desertbumb: You most likely only peeled a scab or some plasma from the wound, if the tattoo is fresh, it's not good to happen but should not affect the longevity of the tattoo after healing.

It’s like the tiniest hole. I don’t think it’ll be a big deal but I’ve never had it happen so I was curious As why there was a hole in my thigh lol

Anonymous: Thank you, too high to keep chatting


Anonymous: I don't believe you, but, I still win

To high to keep argue in u win

Anonymous: Why would you make such a terrible assumption you know names hurt

I’m sorry bby

grillwave creepy-creatures



it breaks my heart knowing that i will never receive a blowjob

what the fuck why do so many people think they will never receive a blowjob

Because we have vaginas

sleepymalum creepy-creatures creepy-creatures
Anonymous: My opinion, I win

You bitch.

Anonymous: There is no way you can win this argument

My blog, I win.

datwulf: *correction* good anime/gaming tattoos!

Oh ok fair enough hah

datwulf: That's fucking awesome! Highfive for us girls with tattoos :D

I’d high five but a lot of girls have tattoos so I don’t feel special.

Anonymous: Not true

#truuuuu #truchainz

datwulf: What is the tattoo of on your thigh? It looks like Princess Monoke

Indeed it is.

Anonymous: don't cover your face

No I’m hiding shhh my face ruins it mailbuoywatch
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